Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Work experience and Strategic Level

Anonymous (don't be shy!) said:

I would like to know if practical work experience is essential in passing Strategic Level.

No. It helps, of course, if you've been working for a couple of years as you will have a better understanding of how business works and loads of good 'higher' skills that you've developed at work. However, I know loads of students who've passed Strategic Level with little or no practical experience. You just need to understand the skills being tested at that level, and work hard (in the right way) to develop those skills. There's loads of stuff in earlier posts about the skills being tested at Strategic Level.

The T4 Case Study, though, is a different matter...

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  1. I have just achieved my MBA. I am seriously considering taking CIMA up on their CMGA offer where I can go directly into the Management Level study. Do you think this is the right way to go to rather start CIMA from the operational level.