Friday, 17 June 2011

Which material (for CMGA)?

Sindhu Swamy asked:

I'm taking up CMGA exams in November . I'm really confused which book to refer (BPP or KAPLAN) . Please help me

Well, this is a difficult one! I'll do my best...

For any CIMA exam, you really have four options when it comes to study material; CIMA's own, BPP's, Kaplan's, or some produced by a local college. I can't comment on the last one, as quality varies so much, but any of the first three should be fine - they all cover the syllabus, and are aimed at getting you through the exams.

Which is best for you really depends on what you're looking for in your material. Some are more 'lively' on the page - more engaging. Some go into greater detail, but can appear intimidating (and maybe a little boring). It's very much a personal thing.

My advice, however, would be to do two things:
  1. Try to see all of the alternatives, before you decide. Go to a good bookshop, and compare the alternatives. If you don't have a stockist near you, borrow from other students so you can 'try before you buy'.
  2. Go onto CIMASphere (the online forum) and see what other students think. Nothing beats a recommendation. Ask people, who are actually using the material, what they think.