Monday, 8 August 2011 questions

Stephen asked:

I'm using the online CIMAStudy. Is CIMAStudy and past exam papers sufficient material to enable me pass the exam in November 2011? Do I need the revision kit for F2 and E2?

By the way I got the Pass First Time book from Amazon, very helpful, thank you very much. But it contains no subject on
Well, Stephen, I try not to make comments on specific learning products. I can, however, talk about online learning products in general terms.
Some online learning systems (such as are designed to be 'stand-alone' products. That means that they should give you all that you need. Others suggest supplementing the use of the online package with other learning materials, or are designed as a supplement (or 'add-on') to other study methods, such as distance learning or classroom courses. Whether this is true, however, very much depends on the learning style of the user. Some students simply can't function without a 'hard copy' textbook in front of them. Others find that they need to practise more questions than are covered by the online package they are using. It's really a personal matter, so only you can judge. My Learning Burst on studying online may help you to decide whether this method is for you.
A 'revision kit' is simply lots of questions, so you can practise answering them in the later stages of your studies (the 'revision' period). You can actually build your own revision kit, using the past exam questions (and answers) available on the CIMA website. The added value in a typical revision kit is that the questions are sequenced in line with the syllabus, so the kit gives guidance on which questions cover which Learning Outcomes. Some kits also have a 'commentary' about each question (and/or answer), giving you clues and pointers. Again, it very much depends how much time and effort you can put in - do you want someone (the publisher) to do some of the work for you, or do you have the time to sort through the questions yourself? I have a couple of learning bursts about choosing and using past exam questions which you may find useful.
Why was not mentioned in Pass First Time? Because it's a specific example of an online learning system. It's not appropriate for me to comment, as I said, on individual products. In general terms, online learning systems work well for some students, and not so well for others. Online learning systems are slightly better than old-fashioned home study or distance learning, but not as good as having a lecturer in front of you to explain and teach.
I hope that helps. If you have more questions, please post a comment.