Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Off to Moscow again

The Guru will be teaching E1, E2 and E3 for ATC International in Moscow during October. See you there...

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bucharest - May, 2013

The Guru will be teaching CIMA E3 and T4B for ExP in Bucharest, in a few weeks time. Contact the college for details.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Well, this is a new venue for the Guru. Sakhalin (yes, I had to check with Google maps too) in Eastern Russia. The Guru will be teaching E1 for ATC International, from 24-27 April.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Project Management Book

The Guru has written another book, this time on Project Management.

A Student’s Guide to Project Management

Students sitting professional exams, undergraduates and MBA students often have to study project management as a theoretical discipline. The ‘real life’ issues and the fun of managing projects are often lost alongside all the techniques that have to be learned especially when project management is only a small part of a much broader syllabus. As a result, it can be seen as a rather dry topic with many people failing to spot, not only that it is actually very practical, but that we are all project managers really!

This book

  • Covers the techniques but goes beyond them
  • Deals in straightforward practical examples
  • Takes a case study approach that makes the subject matter easy to relate to
  • Is written in such a way that you will not want to put it down
  • Provides the insight of an experienced practitioner as to how and why aspects of projects fail or succeed
  • Is accompanied by free online resources
Who is this book suitable for?

  • Anyone wishing to gain an understanding of Project Management!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Back to Moscow - April 2013

The Guru will be back in Moscow from 12-22 April 2013, teaching E1 and E2 for ATC International. He'll also be doing a CIMA exam techniques presentation on one of the evenings he's there. More information to follow, once the dates are agreed...

OK, so the dates are now fixed for The Guru's next trip to Moscow. E1 13-16 April, E2 18-21 April, at ATC International. There won't be an exam techniques session, but if you want to chat to the Guru while he's in Moscow just post a comment.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Paper combinations


Anonymous wrote:
Hi David. I have passed my Operational level subjects on the exams I wrote in Nov 2012 & intend to start the Managerial level this month for May exams. I want to do 2 subjects (per semester) at a time and I am not sure which subjects I should start with and what I will do thereafter until I finish the strategic level.
This is an interesting question. Your comment doesn't make it clear whether you've now finished Operational Level, or just passed your first two exams. It doesn't really matter, though, as I'll explain...
Your situation is complicated (and your choices limited) by CIMA's rules about what exams you're allowed to sit, when. CIMA treats the Operational and Management Levels (6 exams) as a 'block', and allows tou to sit any combination of 1-6 exams in any order. However, CIMA won't allow you to start the Strategic Level until you've passed all of the Operational and Management Level papers. You're not allowed to sit a combination of Management and Strategic Level papers at the same exam sitting. Also, when you sit the Strategic Level for the first time you have to sit all three exams.
If we just look at the six Operational and Management Level papers, there are various combinations you could choose if you want to sit two exams at each exam sitting. Bear in mind that the papers are, to some extent, progressive - F1 leads into, and so on. It's not essential that you sit exams in sequence, though, as you could study for P1 and P2 at the same time, and sit the exams at the same exam sitting. I wouldn't, however, suggest that you sit exams out of sequence (for example, P2 before P1, etc.), as you might find you have a knowledge gap. Other than that, the choice is yours.
Some students combine papers according to their own strenghts (i.e. they attempt their 'best' ones first), while others try to combine a numerical (P or F) paper with a wordy (E) paper, just for variety. There's no best way - too much depends on your skills and preferences, and what you've already passed.
I hope that helps. If I haven't managed to deal with your specific situation just post a comment and I'll try to help you more.