Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Is it knowledge, or exam techniques, that let me down?

Anonymous said:

"Well failed E3 by 3 marks - gutted - dont know best way forward as I came out of exam thinking I'd done ok. Just purchased your book Pass First Time to see if that helps. It possibly could be exam technique as I felt as if I knew enough about the subjects examined. Waiting for the post exam guide now to see if that helps. Any advice on what to do now."

In my experience, a student with good knowledge and poor exam technique may either pass or fail, but a student with mediocre knowledge and good exam technique will probably pass comfortably. Enough said? Read the book, check out the post-exam guide, then post again if you need more specific advice...


  1. Hi
    what would be your suggestion, i am doing the 3 managerial subjects using the Online classroom live with BPP. I also still have the opportunity of attending face to face tuition for the 3 subjects and will also be enrolling for the Online Classroom Live revision.
    Do you think attending Face to face tuition (taught & Revision phases) will add any value or I should use the time for personal study question practice

  2. I'm a lecturer, so I'm a great believer in students attending classroom courses, particularly revision classes. If you have a good college nearby, and can afford the fees, a combination of online learning and classroom revision would probably be best, but it very much depends on your own learning style and how disciplined you are about question practice. I think a classroom tuition course and online learning is probably overkill.