Saturday, 26 June 2010

...and the answer is

Not a lot! Most of you who responded to my questions about the Strategic Level pre-seen material, confirmed that you didn't really refer to it much at all. In fact, while most of you said 'the odd paragraph here and there', several of you said 'not at all'. Let's see what the PEGs say.


  1. I passed my P3 thanks to your tips on tackling the case study. I did not finish my exam but tried to follow the guide on writing for marks but I guess I took too much time.
    I'll definitely have to finish F3 & E3.
    Any idea of the pass rates for the May exam?

  2. Hi Agnes

    Well done on passing P3, and good luck with the other two. There's a link to the pass rates for May in one of my posts today (see "Been to Sri Lanka...")