Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Preparing for an OT exam

I had a comment on the P3 post about how to prepare for an OT exam, so I thought I'd make my reply a post. The comment was "For strategic OT, do we have to study the textbook thoroughly (almost to the point of memorizing every bit of the content) and do not have to go through past questions and answers?"

My reply was (with added bits, to cover all of the OT exams):

Good question! The answer is "yes, and no". Let me explain...

Yes, you need to study the textbook, 'almost' to the point of memorising it. OT questions will test your knowledge, understanding and ability to apply to simple contexts. (At the Operational Level, more knowledge and less application, at Strategic Level, more application and less knowledge)

No, you DO still need to practise questions. There are no 'past exam questions', because all the exam questions stay in CIMA's database for further use. You need to buy/find realistic practice questions. An 'exam kit' from one of the usual publishers? Online at CIMA there are also practice assessments for each OT exam (but only 60 questions) (you get to these through your MyCIMA account). Some publisher, and all good colleges, also have mock exams. (Try to practice at least 120 questions - the equivalent of 2 full 'real' exams, but the more the better.)

As usual, passing is about a combination of learning and practice.

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