Friday, 5 November 2010

Nov 2010 (and Mar 2011) pre-seen for Strategic Level

Neil asked

Do you have any comments on the pre-seen for November? (Strategic Level)

Well, Neil. Yes, I have lots of comments, but you'll need to be more specific. If you look at the other posts on this blog about the Strategic Level pre-seen, they all apply equally to the new stuff. I'm not going to analyse it, and try to predict what questions may come up, as others have done that (on the CIMA website) and I think it has more value for you to do it yourself. If you have specific questions, I'll happily answer them here. Just comment...

I have a Learning Burst, about how to use the pre-seen.

If the rest of you want to post your comments about the pre-seen here, that's fine, but there are threads on CIMASphere already.

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