Friday, 5 March 2010

Home again, Strategic Level, etc.

Well, the guru is home from his Irish tour. The sessions seemed to go well (thanks for your kind comment, Anna) - a total of about 50 students across the three venues. The next 'tour' is Southern Africa in a couple of weeks. I'll post details up here soon.

Lots of questions were asked about Strategic Level. Mainly "what should I do with the pre-seen?". I don't think you should spend ages doing research into the industry - instead, why not use the pre-seen as a revision tool? Every time you revise a model, technique or concept, apply it to the organisation or industry described in the pre-seen. For example (in E3), if you're revising Porter's 5 forces, do a 5 forces model for whatever industry is described in the pre-seen. That way, you'll be rehearsing some of the stuff the examiners might well ask you to do in the exam. There'll be additional 'unseen' information, of course, so you mustn't prepare answers in advance, but at least you can practise the techniques...

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  1. Well failed E3 by 3 marks - gutted - dont know best way forward as I came out of exam thinking I'd done ok. Just purchased your book Pass First Time to see if that helps. It possibly could be exam technique as I felt as if I knew enough about the subjects examined. Waiting for the post exam guide now to see if that helps. Any advice on what to do now.