Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The new T4B Case Study

Well, I'm back from my festive holiday, and thinking about CIMA.

I was looking at the specimen paper for the new T4B Case Study, and comparing it to the 'old' TOPCIMA. It's not really very different, apart from two things:

- You are now given an 'internal' role (Management Accountant or similar), rather than an external role (management consultant), and
- There are now two requirements: A report (90%) and 'something else (10%) such as presentation slides, a memo or email.

No major change, then, to the 'feel' of the Case Study, or the way it's assessed. No major change to the skills being tested, either. Candidates will still strucggle, simply because the exam is so different from the others. There's lots of stuff about 'higher' skills on the CIMA website, and in my book, of course ;-)

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